Laverne Cox Refused To Play TV’s ‘Angry Black Woman’ Stereotype

"The "girl fight" storyline is great for reality TV soundbites, but Cox told Jones that in her case, the stakes were too high to take the bait. "During my elimination episode, when it came down to myself and another black woman, my mother — after watching — said, ‘Why didn’t you defend yourself?’ And I just didn’t want to give television the satisfaction of seeing two black women going at it. We see that so much’" she said."


more reasons to celebrate Ms. Cox

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the rock is fucking precious

The Rock is basically the BFG

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i’ve had a white person ask me if i myself was a slave to be so mad about it and i’ve had plenty more tell me to get over it because it was over a hundred years ago

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if the only “hate” you ever get for your identity is a joke text post on tumblr you should be fucking THRILLED

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when a majority like white/cis/straight people complain about “reverse oppression” it’s like thrashing around in the shallow end of a pool with floaties on screaming that you’re drowning when all you gotta do is stand up and walk out meanwhile the rest of us can barely tread water out in the deep end but nobody notices since the lifeguard is tryna save your whiny ass

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Title: Actual audio of a white person being oppressed
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this was wild from start to finish

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Title: Work Bitch (Demo)
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Work Bitch (Demo) | Britney Spears

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